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I recently re-pierced my ears and to make up for the years without I’ve been craving earrings with a lot of sparkle. I love the two above pairs, especially Ryan Storer’s rose gold, mismatched stud and ear cuff.


Wish List

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Dominik Maple Cutting Board
A.P.C Zip Ankle Boots
Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water
Clyde Pinch Top Hat
Vanessa Bruno Athé Knit Sweater

Hoping these end up under my Christmas tree.

Growth Spurt

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Time to move house again and I’m excited to get into the new place. It’s bright, airy and perfect for an indoor jungle. I’m aiming for something between this and this, I’ll let you know how I go.


Photo by me / MNZ Store

I have always appreciated my Dad’s favourite pair of Ray Ban Outdoorsmen but I could never pull them off, no matter how many times I tried them on. Regardless, I still continued to harbour a soft spot for aviators and when I saw the above pair of by The Row – I couldn’t resist. The wrapped leather arms complement the classic shape while giving the style a new, luxurious direction. How does that saying go? Like father, like daughter.


Having recently moved from the city to the beach, this week I’ve been settling into a schedule of getting up much earlier than I’m used to and a long commute to work everyday. Needless to say, I am thoroughly looking forward to a weekend spent with my toes in the sand, reading through my latest Amazon haul and exploring my new neighbourhood. I also can’t wait to try out the above hair style, check out A Cup of Jo for the easy step-by-step tutorial, I think it’s perfect for the weekend.

Essential #2

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Stripes on stripes on stripes, the Breton shirt is an undeniable classic with an unyielding charm.

Game On

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I’ve been staying up late every night this week glued to the Olympics. Gymnastics, basketball, diving, athletics – bring it on. I’ve got green, gold and that Rochas bag on the brain.

Tête-à-Tête: Tiffany Jeans

All winter long I have been burning an assortment of candles from Curio Noir. My favourite at the moment is Black Spice, an intoxicatingly beautiful blend of aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh tea leaves that has wrapped my apartment in a warm haze and left every visitor questioning me as to where I got it from. Recently, I had a quick chat with Tiffany Jeans, the designer of Curio Noir. A label so truly unique and “for those with a fascination for the interesting and uncommon”.

I love the sublime attention to detail to every aspect of Curio Noir, how long does the process to create a single candle take?

“It’s hard to say….sometimes a scent can take me months to get right. Our glass is made in small batches and hand blown one piece at a time in Auckland by my friend Luke who is a classically trainer venetian glass blower. The glass takes a few days to melt and once ready it takes two people to work on a piece of Curio Glass. They then are cooled very slowly, over a couple of days to ensure strength is in the glass. As this process is truly hand crafted, you notice each Curio Glass piece is quite unique to the next, which I love.  Everybody receives their own piece of art that. From here the glass gets the wax and scent hand poured in to each, these are then cooled over two days then arrive back to me for polishing and packaging. I have a wonderfully tiny team of people who I have found who understand being meticulous is integral to Curio Noir. I love gifting people with a unique experience only Curio Noir can give and this is through the tangible and intangible aspects of our creations, but not just with the final product, the whole process.”

You’ve mentioned that each candle you create is based from a lingering memory, what was the inspiration behind Black Spice?

“Black Spice arrived by memories I had of reading the book Chocolate by Joanne Harris, when I was younger. There is nothing nicer than a spiced hot chocolate. Spices are invigorating, charming and can spark a sense of comfort. I wanted to create a scent that bought together these feelings and emotions with scent but without the sweetness. Something that was masculine and feminine, spicy but not too over bearing…something soul warming. I hadn’t known of a luxurious scent that was spicy. Black Spice is one of my personal favourites for wintery days and nights.”

What are three of your favourite things about Winter?

“This winter my three favourite things are my Miss Crabb wool fortune coat, warming vege soups for dinner and being at home with the family, fire going and different Curio Noir scented candles in all of our rooms. Decadence.”

Curio Noir is available online at MyChameleon.com, in-store at Incu and selected stockists worldwide.